The Chair of Examiners are responsible for providing a recommendation to the Graduate Research Office on the reports, who will then submit their comments and recommendation on the examination outcome to the Dean of Graduate Research. Your Confirmation of Candidature or Annual Review will open two months before the scheduled due date. When you have completed any required revisions, please submit your corrected thesis to the Chair of Examiners. Please check your enrolment record in eStudent. Graduation Graduation ceremonies occur each year in August and December.

How do I withdraw from my degree? If you are not enrolled, you won’t have access to the online content. My Primary Supervisor is away, who can sign off my iGRad action dates? If you are also submitting a creative component such as a portfolio of musical recordings or art works , please seek advice from the Graduate Research Office in the first instance. The agenda can include:

Thesis format requirements – Student Services – The University of Queensland, Australia

Get ready to take on the world with a research degree from the University of Tasmania. How do I submit my Confirmation of Candidature report?

A Chair of Examiners will also be appointed by the Head of School to act as an independent Chair throughout the examination ghesis. Referee Reports The application process requires you to nominate two referees, to whom confidential electronic referee report forms will be emailed by the University of Tasmania, requesting reference material.

Please expect a number of assessment tasks when you undertake a course work unit. Your candidature milestones are: I want to extend my candidature, what do I need to do? When completing your Confirmation of Candidature or Annual Review, there is an option to share your subimssion with your supervisor.


utas thesis submission

Graduation ceremonies occur each year in August and December. Where the Head of School is also a member of your supervisory team, the relevant College Dean or Institute Director will appoint the Submissiln of Examiners.

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A Chair of Examiners will also be appointed by the Head of School to act as an independent Chair throughout the examination process. Please contact the Unit Coordinator to find out further information. Please email your updated abstract to the Graduate Research Office.

How am I notified of the examination outcome and when will I receive my reports?

utas thesis submission

When can I see my results? The examination time frame is ideally between three to six months. Search form Search Student Services. Homepage Site menu Show Search. The time frame will be set by the Chair of Examiners and will depend on the extent of the revisions required. You will also need to provide: Note that you will not be able to access the Graduation Requirements tab until you have been invited to upload your final thesis and graduation requirements by the Graduate Research Office.

If you are an international student, our International Student Centre will also be useful in learning more about relocating to Tasmania for your studies. These tasks and the associated deadlines are set by the Unit Coordinator. Other things that might need to be acknowledged here are if you had help doing some of the statistical analyses, or if you had technical assistance designing and building some of your experimental apparatus.


Thesis format requirements

Candidates must check their scholarship conditions before submitting a claim, to confirm they are eligible. In particular, your overall conclusion is required to be, ” An independent and original general discussion that is entirely the candidate’s own work and that integrates the most significant findings of submissiin thesis and presents the needs and prospects for future research. Their name is listed in the Courses and Units guide. How do I withdraw from my degree?

utas thesis submission

Once all of the examiner reports have been received, they are sent to the Chair of Examiners. If submixsion enrolment has only just taken place, MyLo will need time to update. Degrees are regularly conferred at ceremonies held in August and December. In a similar manner, the nominated referees, or their email addresses, may also be amended within the system as required.

In order to have your candidature confirmed, you must fulfil the following requirements: Please log into eStudent to investigate and make payment. You will submiswion automatic reminders from iGRad if a milestone becomes overdue.

You are permitted to provide the names of examiners that you do not want to examine your work and accompanying reasonsbut that is the extent to which you are involved. Your coursework requirements will need ytas be met before you will be permitted to graduate.