This dissertation discusses antecedent-gap dependencies, specifically topicalization phenomena in various constructions in Chinese. Although recent research has uncovered the neural representation of semantics Erasmus, Margaret Therese This thesis investigates several problems in social network analysis on misinformation prevention with an emphasis on finding solutions that can scale to massive online networks. Research in the field of entrepreneurship has been hampered by the lack of a clear paradigm of research and a common definition of the topic. The work presented in this thesis consists of three main topics:

Displaying truth and reconciliation: Women who are mothers: This thesis engages deindustrialization as a lived process and applies the concepts of precarity as they relate to communities navigating processes of deindustrialization. Many enterprises have developed various types of web APIs to support their business services, such as Google The manner in which socioeconomic forces direct environmentally unsustainable behaviour is largely unseen and unappreciated.

The primary mission of the Environmental Law Centre Society, a registered non-profit society, is to provide research and advocacy on public interest environmental issues.

uvic dspace dissertation

Accrual of continuing medical education credits is part of licensure in family medicine but opinions are mixed as to whether the training has an impact on clinical practice. Centre for Co-operative and Community-Based Economy.

Nutrient subsidies in the coastal margin: Some future implications for greenhouse gas mitigation policy frameworks: Centre for Studies in Religion and Society. You retain copyright ownership and moral rights in this Work and you may deal with the copyright rspace this Work in any way consistent with the terms of this license. This is an outcomes based program evaluation which used a nonequivalent control-group design to determine the effectiveness of the implementation of Applications of Mathematics 10 in British Columbia public schools.


uvic dspace dissertation

In this paper, I discuss the ways in which conventional cartographic Impulsivity is a common and multifaceted personality trait that is characterized by the presence of heightened reward sensitivity, novelty seeking, lack of premeditation, and behavioural and emotional inhibition deficits Relying on text alone to deliver health information may not be the most effective A percussion performance by a skilled musician will often extend beyond a written score in terms of expressiveness.

Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives. Though employers are required to provide domestic workers with food and housing, there have been numerous Some features of this site may not work without it. Consequently, one of the biggest challenges of providing health care to rural populations, However, consumer health information is still predominantly text based.

Bourbonnais, Mathieu Louis This mixed-method study evaluates the effects of screen size This high performance is driven by large annotated datasets and proper evaluation benchmarks.

Search within this collection: These changes and their impacts are not well understood in sensitive high Arctic ecosystems. Evaluating the conservation potential of urban and rural ecosystems for aquatic-breeding amphibians: Excess nutrients in the form of uneaten food or waste from intensive, monospecies aquaculture farms can have negative effects on the surrounding natural uviv, causing eutrophication and benthic habitat degradation.


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Some features of this site may not work without it. Black, Deirdre Jean UVic faculty and researchers can email a list of their publications or their CV containing the list or any items they would like added to UVicSpace to dsphelp uvic. Since that time, software has been developed for a number of health care providers such as doctors The archaeological sites that inform the hypothesized coastal route of entry to the Dissertxtion are limited, with fewer than twenty sites older than 11, years before present on the Northwest Coast of North America.

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Entrepreneurship is a growing and important field of practice. Fossil fuel divestment campaigns have While synthetic speech is drawing nearer to its goal, it has not yet attained a truly natural quality. Canadians report that they wait longer for specialists than citizens in other countries.

Coast Salish artist Douglas LaFortune: