Under Publish , you can register and upload your documents. In databases and scientific search engines, the abstract field is usually also searched even when the full text of the document is not searched. The document type Report includes text material that does not fit into any other category, e. This function has an exclusive effect and can be used to narrow down the number of hits: Current publications as well as copies of already published documents by FAU members with scientific content Series of publications from FAU Publications and series of publications such as collected editions, congress volumes, research reports, journals e-journals or series published by FAU members Documents that must be published according to examination regulations Final papers by FAU students such as Bachelor’s and Master’s theses, if publication is recommended by the supervisors or another member of teaching staff and if they were graded as ‘sehr gut’ excellent Proof of this shall be submitted by the author. Review The document type Review includes reviews of books and articles, or summaries of a work that were not written by its author. Submission of electronic documents for dissemination through the document server is usually carried out using an online form.

Already published documents shall not be deleted from the server. Backups are carried out on separate tapes. I’m a new author Login for shop user. The summary may not exceed characters. FAU’s Open Access policy encourages the University’s researchers not to grant publishers exclusive publication rights but to reserve the right to make a digital copy of their work available on the University’s publication server after any retention periods have ended. The process consists of incremental daily , cumulative weekly and full monthly backups.

The electronic publications are easier to research, accessible and can be used directly from your computer.

vg wort dissertation online veröffentlichung

If evröffentlichung work contains programmes, files, video sequences, audio documents or similar on a CD enclosure, they must be prepared for publication as a compressed zip file and uploaded as well.


Browsing The publications are sorted into categories.

vg wort dissertation online veröffentlichung

Downloadonline dissertation vg wort dissertation wort. If the author or editor learns of the existence or development of legal barriers, they shall inform the University Library without delay. It is verööffentlichung to access the website with JavaScript deactivated.

This information is only needed for articles in journals and complete journal issues. Through these references marked as ‘external links’, the operator enables visitors to access ‘third-party content’. Examples are images and photographs of objects, paintings, prints, drawings, other pictures and graphics, diagrams, cards and notes. The electronic documents are assigned individual, permanent addresses URNs disserfation allow direct access to the documents.

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Unfortunately, URNs cannot be used directly in web browsers yet. The distribution amount for authors complies with the particular volume of pages. Controlled keywords, free keywords Here you can enter terms that describe the content of your publication. This analysis is carried out monthly and annually and the data are deleted in the same month of the following year, at the latest. The operator is not responsible for this third-party content as the operator does not initiate the data transmission, does not choose the recipient of the information and does not select or have any influence on the information transmitted.

Copyright law protects the creator in their intellectual and personal relationship to the work and the usage of the work. Wie sieht das fertige Buch aus? Please enter in which publication series the volume was published if the series is not published within FAU or if you cannot find the title of the series in the series drop-down menu.


The operator expressly reserves the right to change, amend or delete individual web pages, services or the entire website without prior notice or to interrupt or veröfventlichung the publication. You must hold the appropriate rights for the usage of CC licences, so you have to check if you have transferred exclusive rights e.


Was bedeutet eigentlich Print-on-Demand? Your publication will be permanently available under this address, meaning it can be cited without problems. The stored data are dossertation exclusively for technical and statistical purposes; they are not compared with other data records or passed on to third parties, even in part. Wie kann ich bestellen?

State the URN when citing your work. Search In simple searchseveral search words are automatically connected with ‘and’. Oft sind auch die Grenzbereiche der kommerziellen und nicht-kommerziellen Nutzungen nur schwer zu bestimmen, und veröffeentlichung entstehen Unklarheiten in der Nachnutzung der Inhalte.

Monographs, research reports and articles are archived and made freely accessible on an institutional server.

Register your publication at the collecting society Wort VG Wort. Several studies have shown that Open Access secondary publications increase citation frequency.

Vgwort dissertation

After a formal review by University Library staff, your electronic publication is uploaded to the OPUS server and thus made publicly accessible. Proof of publication Your publication may be found quickly and easily via Internet search. Please fill out the form with all the information required for the formal and content-related description of the document.

If you enter a brief summary of your text, this will allow others to research your literature more easily. You must hold the appropriate rights for the usage of licences, so you have to check sissertation you have transferred exclusive rights e.

They need to be translated into URLs first.