This is the big one, and here are a few pointers: Once they tell you to call them as such, by all means, please do. All supervisory committee members must be present, and the Research Progress Evaluation Form must be completed and submitted to the Graduate Program Assistant. Students who transfer internally from the M. The point of the project is lab experience, and getting into a lab, any lab, is a means to getting that experience.

OUPFB is now accepting applications. Preliminary Examination within 20 months of beginning their M. Show the initiative and demonstrate that you are really interested. You are asking a professor to take you into their group. Grading Assignments vary with modules and often include preparatory readings, seminars to be given during the course, and an essay report.

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Students whose progress is unsatisfactory may be required to do remedial work and be re-evaluated, or may be required to withdraw from the program. The Faculty of Graduate Studies provides crucial information to current students as they progress through their degree, from registrarial processes to graduation.

yorku honours thesis biology

Show the initiative and demonstrate that you are really interested. If you think you must email, do so to ask for an apppointment to discuss a potential project.

York University – Faculty of Science

Every student is free to take as many of these independent field courses as they desire, however, please be aware that not all will be accepted for degree credit. This course provides 4th year undergraduate students with research experience in the Biological Sciences and provides an opportunity to enhance critical thinking, analytical and communication skills.


It is a good way to get experience and the project out of the way, but you do lose the work during the day option, which may be an issue for some students. Students working in laboratory settings must complete WHMIS and other safety courses, as applicable, prior to research.

yorku honours thesis biology

By doing this biolog can offer you a wider choice of field courses. There are no formal lectures in this course. Don’t just email and say “can I work with you? The prerequisites for field courses are indicated in the module descriptions; you must have the necessary prerequisite courses to enrol. Students can get assistance, approvals, advice from their supervisor.

Petitions are be required for leaves of absence and extension of program time limits. Preliminary Examination within 18 months of entering the program in order to continue in the Ph.

There are no formal lectures.

This is a copyright law. How do I find a Professor to do my project with?

Helpful Tips for Honours Projects at York

The field course fee might or might not cover the cost of transportation to the field site, please consult the module description for details. Please visit Faculty of Graduate Studies – Regulations for more information.

yorku honours thesis biology

If you present yourself as unprofessional, you will be treated as such. A research proposal outlines the recent pertinent literature, describes the objectives of the research project, outlines the experimental approach, and clearly states the significance of the research to the field.

Please fill out the appropriate registration form and submit it to the Undergraduate Assistant in the Dept. It is advised that the student and supervisor complete the Milestones and Expectations bioogy to guide and document the conversation, and submit a copy to the Graduate Program Assistant.


Thessi unless they tell you that you can. These courses happen in different places than the field courses offered by York University. Some professors don’t mind you calling them by their first name. If a student is supervised by a Biology graduate faculty member whose primary graduate program is not Biology, at least one the other Supervisory Committee member must be from the Biology Department.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding any aspects of the field courses, please feel free to contact me.

Department of Biology

The balance of the field course fee will be paid to the host university prior to the start of the field course. This course does not run on weekends. The research project involves a significant investment of time and effort in the laboratory or field. A strong thesis is built on carefully reviewing and analyzing the literature, and communicating clearly and professionally. Our goal is to provide students with an excellent well-rounded education in life sciences that can lead to fulfilling careers in industry, hiology and government.

If you’ve checked out their website, you should know what they are doing Don’t limit yourself to just one.