They are someone you are looking to work for. Profs get a ton of these emails from all over the world, and quite often treat them as spam dealing with them accordingly. The Examining Committee completes the Ph. Both the supervisor and the committee member s must be members of the Biology graduate program. In my experience, this is overkill and not needed. If you think you must email, do so to ask for an apppointment to discuss a potential project. Each field course module will be 3.

The student will be considered a new Ph. This is a really important point. A research proposal outlines the recent pertinent literature, describes the objectives of the research project, outlines the experimental approach, and clearly states the significance of the research to the field. FGS requires valid copies of all ethics, animal care and biohazard approvals. It should be well organized, clearly and concisely written and with adequate data presentation and tie the research accurately and adequately to the background literature. Places fill up quickly, although, you may be able to find a place in an OUPFB field course later in the academic year. We strongly advise that before you enrol in a non-York University or OUPFB field course, that you consult the Undergraduate Biology Office, about whether its course curriculum is likely to qualify for credit towards your degree program.

This is a fabulous opportunity for biology students to travel to field sites outside the Toronto area, and to interact with professors and students from other Ontario universities.

yorku honours thesis biology

The student must present a seminar M. We strongly advise that before you enrol in a non-York University or OUPFB field course, that you consult the Undergraduate Biology Office, about whether its course curriculum is likely to qualify for credit towards your degree program. Who is the person I talk to about the Honours Project?


Patty Lindsay Life Sciences Building x patlind yorku. A strong thesis is built on carefully reviewing and analyzing the literature, and communicating clearly and professionally.

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The prerequisites for field courses are indicated in the module descriptions; you must have the necessary prerequisite courses to enrol. If you require any information, you may also email biology yorku. In case of a medical, non-medical, or family emergency, it is at the discretion of the host university should they issue a refund for any costs.

This is the big one, and here are a few pointers: I encourage you to explore the wide range of possibilities offered by Biology and I offer my best wishes for success.

The Department of Biology is housed in three separate buildings on campus: The defence should start with a clear and logical presentation and demonstrate that the student has an acceptable understanding of the background literature, the technical and intellectual basis of the research, the way the research contributes to the general area of enquiry, and establish that the student has an appropriate ability to conduct independent research.

This deposit is a partial payment of the field course fee. The supervisor must determine if the External Examiner hoonurs willing to participate and provide a copy of the dissertation at least 4 weeks prior to the exam.

yorku honours thesis biology

Not unless they tell you that you can. These courses happen in different places than the field courses offered by York University. For additional questions, email biology yorku.


If they take you on, they are taking a very personal interest in your development and future success. Logistical arrangements are made based on this early student enrolment. The Longer answer is: Also the TD1 Form: You cannot take the field course unless you pay the tuition and the field course fee.

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Consider broadening hoonurs horizons: Biology, the science of life is concerned with the structure and function of organisms, their evolution and ecology. Think of it this way Year 2 Ecology and Statistics are common prerequisites. Petitions are be required for leaves of absence and extension of program time limits. If a student is supervised by a Biology graduate faculty member whose primary graduate program is not Biology, at least one the other Supervisory Committee member must be from the Biology Department.

Students who transfer internally from the M. You may see posters yorkuu these programs around York University. If you present yourself as professional, you will be treated as such.

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Graduate students may also submit a financial petition to Student Financial Services. Field courses are an integral part of training in ecology and conservation. Defences are open, though the audience is not thesi to ask questions and must leave prior to the final deliberations of the examining committee.