For general questions and advice about your courses, please refer the menu on the left. Course Cost Each field course has an associated fee that is listed within the module description. How do I find a Professor to do my project with? The range of field courses for the following academic year April — February is finalized by the Ontario Universities field course consortium in December of the current academic year. The field course fee might or might not cover the cost of transportation to the field site, please consult the module description for details.

This deposit is a partial payment of the field course fee. It is a good way to get experience and the project out of the way, but you do lose the work during the day option, which may be an issue for some students. Students are immersed for two weeks in a field setting where they learn field methods, how to collect data, how to conduct field experiments, and the natural history and ecology of plants and animals. The thesis reviews the literature in a particular field or area of interest, identifies gaps or inconsistencies, and develops a specific hypothesis, argument or model. Students should not contact the external examiner directly themselves.

What is the Summer-only option? The supervisor is responsible for confirming successful delivery of the dissertation normally by courier. Grading Assignments vary with modules and often include preparatory readings, seminars to be given during the course, and an essay report.

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In case of a medical, non-medical, or family emergency, it is at the discretion of the host university should they issue a refund for any costs. Extensions of the above time limits are occasionally possible but are in most cases given for one term only at part-time level.


A research proposal outlines the recent pertinent literature, describes the objectives of the research project, outlines the experimental approach, and clearly states the significance of the research to the field. Petitions for extensions should be submitted 2 months before the end of the normal time limits. Learn more about field courses offered by one of these institutions here.

This is the big one, and here are a few pointers: The field course fee might or might not cover the cost of transportation to the field site, please consult the module description for details. There are no formal lectures in this course. Most professors have a lab website, or reserach blurb biilogy the biklogy page. The regulations of the Faculty of Graduate Studies generally apply to all students enrolled in graduate programs at York University.

Department of Biology

This biologt is an additional cost on top of the tuition paid to York University. To avoid research delays, such approvals see below should be obtained by the second term of study. The short answer is No. Students who drop a field course should not expect a refund of any field course costs, and it is encouraged that students purchase cancellation insurance if airline tickets are required.

yorku honours thesis biology

This website is primarily for current students. Biology has 3 options: All first year and some second year laboratories are offered in the new LSB with state-of-the-art niology, audio-visual and computing facilities. During the first month of a student’s program, it is important they meet with their supervisor to have a conversation and agree upon important goals and expectations.


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Where students are co-supervised, the Thwsis Committee will consist of the co-supervisors plus the normal composition of other committee members. This deposit is a partial payment of the field course fee. FGS must receive this form a minimum of 3 weeks prior to a M.

This is not a trivial thing.

This course runs annually, some time in July, from Monday to Friday 8: The course concludes with an oral defense of the thesis. There are no formal lectures. Click on the form name to go directly to the form. It should be well organized, clearly and concisely written and with adequate data presentation and tie the research accurately and adequately to the background literature.

This must be attached to the Research Progress Evaluation form in order for it to be accepted by the graduate program.

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MSc Progress Report Evaluation. You will need to have an advisor and a thesis topic listed on the registration form. Students are encouraged to propose an experimental strategy to test the hypothesis with clearly articulated possible outcomes and limitations.

If you present yourself as unprofessional, you will be treated as such. The prerequisites for field courses are indicated in the module descriptions; you must have the necessary prerequisite courses to enrol.

yorku honours thesis biology

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