In this opinion piece, the author negatively compares the original American Girl product line, with its emphasis on history, to its most recent, “me-centered” incarnation. The teacher begins with a timeline and brief PowerPoint to set up early Cold War chronology. What accounted for American atrocities during the Philippine War? Visit the greatest writers, other content including opposition to return. In this essay, the author details the Depression-era Civilian Conservation Corps, explaining to readers how the organization formed, functioned and operated during its heyday in the s.

After viewing an online film clip and a brief PowerPoint to establish context for the Great Awakening and some of its “superstar” preachers, students are presented with three primary sources regarding Whitefield: Students read 2 brief accounts of the CIA takeover from recent textbooks. The teacher first uses a timeline to review basic information about the war, then distributes Rudyard Kipling’s poem “The White Man’s Burden,” which students analyze in pairs. Voices from essays, this is zora neale hurston. Students receive 7 documents, including a “fireside chat” by FDR, an oral interview, a speech by a WPA representative, unemployment statistics, and song lyrics by the Carter Family. Students will read 2 passages by John O’Sullivan, coiner of the phrase “Manifest Destiny,” and answer guiding questions. A final class discussion evaluates the evidence.

Advance search term papers, journalist. A final class discussion attempts to answer the central question and compares contemporary attitudes to those of the s. Who was primarily responsible for the Cold War: The Pullman Strike, Part 2: The teacher begins by recapping the Cold War and hurstin presence of missiles in Cuba and streams a video clip from Discovery Education about the Crisis and the negotiations that ended it.


Zora Neale Hurston and the WPA in Florida

This is Part 1 of a 2-part tutorial. What was life like in American cities during the Industrial Era?

zora neale hurston essay turpentine

The Pullman Strike, Part 1: These are followed by paragraph-length analyses from 3 historians who comment from a nfale distance on the Founders’ unwillingness or inability to eliminate slavery. Not all the functionality may be available. In a final class discussion, students evaluate the validity of the sources and debate whether the historical “truth” about the strike is knowable.

In pairs, students summarize and discuss. Students then view a government-made newsreel from explaining the rationale tuprentine internment. The teacher them models the first document, an excerpt from Thomas Gray’s Confessions of Nat Turner, by helping students answer sourcing, contextualization, corroboration, and close reading questions.

zora neale hurston essay turpentine

Enjoy this quick trip through American history! Which historical account of Social Security is more accurate?

zora neale hurston essay turpentine

Zzora, students are split into 6 groups and receive 2 different cartoons each: By closely reading and re-reading the The Gospel of Wealth, and focusing their reading through a series of questions and discussion about the text, students will identify esway ways Andrew Carnegie proposes his philosophy for the distribution of wealth and the responsibility of philanthropy.

Were the Puritans selfish or selfless? Detailed directions are provided for both teacher and students as to how to conduct a Structured Academic Controversy.

A final class discussion has students determine which document s best explain what occurred. The First Hundred Days, Part 1: In one program, archivists and so-called “sound recordists” were hired by the Library of Congress to document the diverse cultures of Florida — including the “underground” culture of working-class black Americans, struggling with Jim Crow segregation and racial discrimination.


Students then divide into groups of 4 and into pairs A and B within each group. Hurston’s book Men and Mules is about her travels gathering folklore in Florida. Students then read a JFK speech supporting the Civil Rights Act; as a class, they answer sourcing, close reading and context questions and revisit their hypothesis.

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Students then watch a film clip about the Great Society, streamed via Discovery Education. Turpentine camps were isolated and known for their terrible working conditions and abuses.

Finally, they read the brief opinions of two historians who provide their perspectives on the incident. What happened at the Battle of Lexington? They answer guiding questions which corroborate both documents and attempt to reach a conclusion. What type of government did Federalists and Anti-Federalists prefer?

How did Chicago newspapers cover the Pullman strike? Only at the end can students abandon their previous positions, reach consensus in writing as a group, and defend that view in a final class discussion. What caused the Palmer Raids? Click here to launch Part 1. Students then analyze 3 documents: